Say it in Greek:

Here are some common Greek sayings and words and their meanings:


Ya’Sou!                         Hello and/or “To your Health”

Andio                           Good bye, so long, adios, see you later

Ti’Kanis?                      How are you? or What are you doing?

OPA!                            A Greek cheer of joy (similar to the Spanish “Ole!”)

Parakalo                       Please, or You’re Welcome (in response to Thank You)

Kali Mera                     Good Morning

Kali Spera                    Good Afternoon; also Good Evening

Kali Nichta                   Good Night

Taverna                        Outdoor restaurant or tavern

Kafenion                       Garden café serving Greek coffee and pastries

Se’Agapo                      I love you

Hronia Polla!                Many years!  A greeting used to express good cheer anf good        feelings on various special occasions and holidays.

Efharisto!                     Thank You!  


English - Greek Phonetic Translations:


Water                Neh-ro                    Brown                     Ka-feh

Wine                   Krah-si                    Yellow                    Kee-tree-no

Milk                    Gha-la                      Red                        Ko-kee-no

Coffee               Ca-fes                      Gray                      Gree-zo

Sugar                 Za-ha-ree                Black                      Mav-ro

Bread                 Pso-mi                      Green                     Pra-see-no

Egg                    Av-go                       Theater                 Theh-a-tro

Napkin               Pet-se-ta                   Library                  Veev-li-oh-thee-kee

Cheese               Tee-ree                    Station                   Stath-mos

Much/Very         Po-lee                       Information            Plee-ro-fo-ree-a

Hospitality         Fee-lo-kse-neea         I Hope                   El-pee-zo

Better               Ka-lee-ter-a              Beauty                    O-mor-fee-a

Tomorrow          Av-ree-o                    Perfume                 A-ro-ma

Today                See-mer-a                  Soap                      Sah-pooh-nee

Night                 Nich-ta                     Cologne                   Col-o-nee-a

What?                Tee?                         I Learn                  Ma-theh-no

Work                 Er-gah-see-a             Exactly                  Ak-ree-vos

That                  O-tee or Av-toh        Language                Ghlo-sa

I Help                Voh-ee-thao              Together                Mah-zee

Must                   Preh-pee                   Church                   Eh-klee-see-a

Everywhere        Pahn-dou                    Hospital                 No-so-ko-mee-o

Morning              Pro-ee                       Spring                    Ah-nee-ksee

All Right            En-dox-ee                  Summer                  Ka-lo-keh-ree

Color                  Hro-ma                      Autumn                  Fthee-no-po-roh

Blue                    Bleh                          Winter                   Hee-mo-nas

White                 As-pro